Musique: THE PRESS © Copyright Glenn-emlyn Richards & Rob King 2002 All Rights Reserved
Production, Réalisation et Montage par GLENN-EMLYN RICHARDS
France 2003
Stereo 4:3 DV
paroles: glenn-emlyn richards
musique: rob king & glenn-emlyn richards

mobile communication
hey! we’re connecting now
you can choose who you want to respond to
speak only to those you allow
text message the girl next door
suggestive typography
no need to talk face to face
your phone lets you do it for free

mobile emancipation
hey! look who’s talking now
they can choose who you get to respond to
meet only those they want to allow
your text message to the girl next door
was brought to her by some company
no need to talk face to face
as long as you still think you’re free

mobile identification
hey! what’s that graphical smile?
corporate logos on your plastic face
branding your look and style
text message from the girl next door
she’s into innuendo herself
as long as it’s downloadable humour
hiding what she actually felt